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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

gratitude, slow down, transformation, notice
When I slow down, I notice more.

Today I have a head cold.  What used to be an annoyance, is now an invitation to #slowdown and take stock.   When I slow down I can #notice more - more information my body reveals, more about my environment, including changes I’ve made in this past year, and tasks still to be done.  I can take time to read further in one of the books I have started, but not finished, maybe paint, nap.

A large component of this process for me is #gratitude.  I’m grateful to have a comfortable home to live in, with heat, and a cozy bed.  I have a computer to use to write and to browse articles, or even watch a movie. I’m grateful for my friends who text me to say, “Let me know if I can bring you something.”  I have three cats to cuddle with, and plenty of food in the fridge, including homemade chicken soup. Oh yes, and I have gratitude for all of the fresh and organic food readily available to me, and my ability to cook.

Looking out my window at my yard, I have gratitude for the transformation I see there. The yard is also a mirror for the #transformation I’ve made in this past year, from leaving a decades long career to starting my own business, and completing several certification programs.  I feel deeply the internal transformation that’s occurred as a result of this work, and for this am #grateful.

Try this at home.  Find a place to settle in and get comfortable.  Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Notice how your body feels with each breath.  Open your eyes and look around. What did you notice in your body for which you are grateful?  What do you see in your surroundings? Think back to the past week, month or year. What have you accomplished?  What transformation has occurred in your life? Have you ever noticed how easy it is to beat up on ourselves for all of the tasks left undone?  Often all it takes is looking back to where we were not so long ago to see the progress we’ve made.

For today, I am grateful to be here in my home with the opportunity to take things slowly, and to write and share with you.  Have a beautiful Saturday.

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