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Mindfulness is about training ourselves to pay attention in a specific way. With mindfulness, we:

1) Focus on the present moment

2) Notice, and allow thoughts about past or future to

   move through us       

3) Purposely place our attention on our  emotions, and physical sensations, in the present moment as they arise

4) Observe with acceptance and non-judgement, not labeling things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


Mindfulness training occurs over 3- 6 sessions.The first session is an opportunity to let us get to know each other.  For my part, I ask a series of questions and work with the client, who may choose to go over pre-written goals with me, or to discover or clarify the goals in


Each session after that will include presentation of information about mindfulness, with 2 -3 activities, many of which are designed for you to feel comfortable doing them on your own in your own practice. Examples would be guided meditation, breathing techniques, quick mindfulness activities for every day, as well as learning more in each session about the core practice itself.


In the last session, we reflect, practice, and discuss strategies for continuing and optimizing your practice.

Available in packages of 3 - 6 sessions         

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